International Students and Graduates

What help can I receive from the Enterprise Team?

The type of business support which we are able to offer to International students and graduates is determined by the specific visa which each individual holds. Whilst your visa will allow you to study here in the UK, it may not include the permission necessary to become self-employed here.

With this in mind, most International students and graduates will only be eligible for generic business information which is not specific to an individual's business idea. We do this through the Enterprise Workshops which run on Wednesdays during the Autumn and Spring term from 4.15 to 6.00 pm. Full details on the Enterprise Workshops can be found here

Can I have more detailed support from the Enterprise Team?

For International students who wish to access more personalised support towards self-employment, we must first ensure that your visa allows such activity whilst in the UK, in order  that we are fully compliant with Home Office regulations. As visa regulations are subject to frequent change, we need to have your current visa assessed by the University of Huddersfield’s International Office prior to offering any 1:1 support. To check you have the necessary visa to request such support, please complete Section A of the International Student Referral Form and send this with a copy of your current visa to, The International Office will confirm directly to us whether or not you are able to access individual support.

Image of globe Is there any specific help for International Graduates?

There is a possibility (subject to the type of visa you hold) that a recent graduate of the University of Huddersfield can apply for permission to remain in the UK in order to start a business. This scheme is called the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur route. Further information on this scheme is available from the International Office. We deliver workshops which explain how and when to apply for this scheme each term.