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Describing his laptop as ‘his orchestra’ and ‘second half of his brain’, Polish-born Michal Czerniak has high ambitions to use his self-taught distinct music ability to compose arrangements and sound effects for films.

Michal is no stranger to the business world, having been self-employed since he was 14. He funded his first Macbook through a paper round and founded the University of Huddersfield’s first film society HudTV (now HudMotion), where he still leads a 20-strong video production team.

Attracted to the University of Huddersfield at a young age for its music reputation, Michal set up his business during his Enterprise Placement Year in 2016/17. His film-making skills formed his current core business to initially generate income.

His long-term plans are to set up a digital media production agency in Huddersfield, given its links to major Northern cities.

The Enterprise Team provided Michal with basic business principles as part of his Enterprise Placement Year, as well as advice on networking and making connections. Michal’s final year has been extended over two part-time years, to enable him study and run his business.  

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