Riccton Clothing

Riccton is a small, independent clothing label based in Huddersfield, UK run by Charlie Craigs.

The name Riccton is derived from the name of a small Scottish town called Riccarton, where Charlie’s family name originates. All of their garments are limited edition, meaning that once a design has sold out, it has sold out for good! This, along with their ability to hand screen print and hand sew all our designs and labels, will ensure that the product you choose to purchase will be created to the highest quality possible. The first release, The Heritage Collection will feature a range of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and beanies.

Stall held by Charlie Craigs of Riccton Clothing at the Enterprise Showcase Christmas Market

“This unique brand name fills me with a sense of pride, individuality and belonging.” Charlie Craigs