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Fri, 03 Feb 2012 14:22:00 GMT

Tattoos inspire fashion designer’s new business

Chloe McAteer and Grace Parker

Fashion designer Chloe Mcteer and friend and fellow student Grace Parker

YOUNG fashion designer Chloe McAteer has become an ace tattoo hunter.

Her new range of quirky tee-shirts is inspired by the inky artwork she sees on the arms and anatomy of young women and men on the streets, the internet and in specialist tattoo magazines.

When Chloe, a 20-year-old undergraduate at the University of Huddersfield, spots a tattoo that fires her imagination she will use it as the basis for artwork on the tee-shirts she is now selling.


And she’s come up with a catchy name for her range – she calls them Tattees!

Chloe is taking a BA course in fashion design with marketing and production and is currently embarked on the work placement year that is built into the course.  She decided to use it as an opportunity to launch her own fashion business – and she has been assisted and advised by the University of Huddersfield’s Business Mine, a special service that provides advice, mentoring and financial assistance to enterprising graduates and recent graduates.

Chloe, from Rossendale, is now up and running with a fashion business that has the quirky name CL03 MAC – it’s the personalised car number plate that she received on her 17th birthday.  

Her range of Tattees features tattoo-inspired artwork created by Chloe using a wide range of skills, including drawing, computer art and photography.  They are produced by a special direct-to-garment printing process that ensures her original colour concepts remain intact.

In addition to the tattoo-based tee-shirts, Chloe has also produced a range of designs named “Amazing Grace”, inspired by the striking looks of University of Huddersfield drama student Grace Parker (pictured).  And she is working on a collection of clothes called “Fighting Fit”, this time inspired by Thai boxing, of which her dad Dave is a keen exponent.

Chloe will begin to market CL03 MAC designs on the web, but has also participated in fashion shows and had garments on sale at the Huddersfield fashion boutique Left Bank.

And she is still on the tattoo trail – especially eager to encounter young women who have two full “sleeves” – tattoos which cover both arms.  

But Chloe is not tattooed herself... “My mum Wendy would kill me!” she laughs – but confesses that one day she will treat herself to some tattoos of her own.

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