Boot Camp gets Michelle's business shipshape

Michelle Whaite Enterprise Support students Tomas Skerik and Michelle Whaite enjoying Boot Camp

Fri, 01 Aug 2014 13:51:00 BST

Enterprise Support student Michelle Whaite recently attended the Graduate Entrepreneurship Project Entrepreneurs Boot Camp. Here's what Michelle had to say about her experience:

The Graduate Boot Camp experience was highly informative yet fun at the same time.  I met some amazingly talented entrepreneurs and made some key connections with University lecturers and business advisers.  This was with a view to hosting my Self-Leadership & Business Building workshops to help students nail their placement or job interviews by finding their unique selling story (USS) to stand out in a loud, crowded graduate marketplace.

Amongst the many business building sessions, I learnt about intellectual property and copyright laws, along with attending an excellent branding session provided by Faye Smith.  Her session helped me go on to win the Graduate Boot Camp ‘Business Pitch of the Week’ which I am thrilled with as the prize is a one-to-one session with any of the guest speakers to help me with my business, of which I am having in September.

The information was abundant, the support received was second-to-none (especially with my dietary requirements, the food was excellent) and all for a mere £95 which can seem a lot but the value you get in return for this including 3 good meals a day, accommodation (with free tea and coffee all week in your kitchen!) the people you meet, the advice and abundance of information, it is well worth the investment. 

By immersing yourself for a full week in this environment, you are giving yourself a fantastic kickstart to understanding what it takes to run a business competently.  Best of all, you don’t feel that isolation feeling that can sometimes come with being a solopreneur starting out. 

Not only that, the talent in the room means you can connect with people whose services can help you get started such as web designers, graphic designers, accountants etc. who are happy to give you ‘mates rates’ which is a win-win because you are also helping them to get established by paying for their services and giving good testimonials etc. 

Finally, the fun we had while on the course was excellent.  Although we didn’t go mental, we had some great social interaction time in the evenings, set in the beautiful backdrop of the vibrant City Centre of York. Thank you to all who made it happen and especially to the Enterprise Team for helping me to secure a place! I thoroughly recommend future entrepreneurs attending if they are serious about giving themselves the best chance to become a successful business owner.

Michelle Whaite, The

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