Who is eligible for support?

  • Students and graduates (up to five years) of the University of Huddersfield who are interested in self-employment, freelancing, or starting a business.

Do I need a business plan?

  • No, we’ll give you a hand with compiling a plan. Why not download our Business Plan Template  to get you started?

What else should I have with my business plan?

  • At the very least you should have a cash flow forecast and ideally a profit and loss forecast. This Cash Flow Template  should help you.

I’ve no business experience, won’t that hinder me?

  • Not at all. The University’s own business advisors have decades of business experience and you can benefit from that by accessing our support.

Will I need to pay tax and National Insurance?

  • Of course – we all have to do that!  You pay tax on any net profit you make as a sole trader or your salary if you are employed by your own limited company but only if or when these exceed your annual personal allowance.  Our events and advisors will give you all the detail you need to keep the right side of the law.

What if I want to trade as a limited company?

  • We can talk you through the pros and cons and, if you wish, help you form a limited company.

How long can I benefit from your support?

  • Support is available for as long as both you and the Enterprise Team feel it is appropriate. We hold regular reviews with you to assess your progress and get updates. And before you leave us, we do all we can to see that you are connected with other useful support.

What do previous students think about it?

  • One of our past students said “without the support of the Enterprise Team I wouldn’t have been able to afford to get my business going. The initial business advice and use of the facilities has been invaluable as well as the ongoing mentoring to keep me informed, inspired and motivated in achieving my business goals”.  Another said “it’s been an invaluable source of information and the financial guidance has meant that I have avoided several potential pitfalls”.

How do I get involved?

Who can come to the Enterprise Workshops?

  • We welcome all students, graduates and staff of the University