Security and Car Parking


Located in Bridge House the University's Security Manager is responsible for all aspects of security including: -

You can also contact the Assistant Security Manager loacted under support services or, if your request is either an urgent security matter or an immediate emergency assistance request please contact the University Control Hub on ext 2222.


Campus card

All staff and students at the University are issued with a Campus Card. This card is capable of operating two access systems. The bar code will operate the Library and Computing Centre entry turnstiles and the chip is capable of operating the car park barriers and opening doors controlled by the access system. The cards are encoded, on issue, to give access rights compatible with the School or Service appropriate to the card holder.

If you have the relevant authority, from your Dean of School, Director of Service or their delegate, the Security Manager or their delegate will be happy to encode your Campus Card to give you access to other areas.

Please note:

If you encounter a problem with your Campus Card please contact the Library Reception for Staff Card and Student Services for Student Card. If they are unavailable to rectify the problem you can leave your card with our Estates and Facilities Administration Team who will ensure that it is dealt with as soon as possible.

University car parking


Members of staff must pre-book all visitors to reserve a car parking space through the University reception. These are subject to availability and the University's Car Parking Regulations.

For University visitor parking, please contact University Reception on Ext 2724 or email

University-wide Open Days

There are specific parking arrangements for Open Days. Please see our attending Open Days pages for full details.


The parking of vehicles on all sites owned or leased by the University is covered by the University's Car Parking Regulations issued with the Car Parking Permit. Staff utilising the permit facility are acknowledging the application of these regulations to control car parking.

The number of car parking spaces on Queensgate Campus is governed by the Local Planning Authority and monitored by them.

Click Here to see more about Parking Permits

Disabled Drivers

Disabled drivers are encouraged to use one of the 34 spaces marked throughout the campus. Suitable access cards that give "privileged access" are available from Student Services, located in the Student Centre, Central Services Building (CSB) level 4 . These cards or disabled permits issued by their local council must be displayed when the vehicle is parked. Where no suitable spaces are available disabled users may park in other areas providing that they do not cause danger or an obstruction and where directed by Estates and Facilities staff.

Parking disclaimer

Persons bringing their vehicles on to the University's premises do so at their own risk. The University accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or contents however caused.


Image of CCTV A comprehensive campus wide Closed Circuit Television System has been installed which monitors all vulnerable external and some internal areas. The main objective of this system is to reduce the fear of crime and provide a safe public environment for staff and students consistent with a respect for the privacy of individuals.

Enquiries in relation to this system should be made, in writing, to the University's security manager.



Security - good practice


  • Doors: The majority of thefts that occur within the campus are opportunistic and created by office and teaching room doors being left open and unattended - even for short periods of time. Secure doors when leaving your office and teaching rooms and do not leave valuable or portable items on view.
  • Be Aware: Thieves rarely create the chance to steal; the opportunities are presented to them by the victim. Be aware of what is happening around you, watch for the person who doesn't fit in - who, by their demeanour look out of place. A thief is usually a stranger to the environment they are 'working' in and if challenged the reasons they give to 'justify' their presence are usually vague and unconvincing. If you are unhappy about a situation please contact the control hub.
  • Personal Items: Keep your personal property locked away and out of sight. Thieves prefer 'negotiable property' and at the top of their list is cash, their prime aim is to relieve you of your wallet or purse.
  • Keys: they are the tools that keep your property, and that of the University, safe. Keep them about your person, don't hide them in drawers - a thief knows all the hiding places. Never identify a key to the room or area it secures.

Incident reporting

Located in the Harold Wilson Control Hub, the University maintains a security presence 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are unhappy or suspicious about a potential or developing situation please ask for assistance by contacting the control hub. In addition, red telephones are located throughout the campus, usually in entrance/exit foyers of all buildings. These telephones connect directly to the Control Desk and should be used if immediate assistance is required - please do not misuse this service.

If a security incident has taken place on the University Campus please inform the security manager. Your School or Service has the appropriate forms to allow you to report the circumstances leading to the incident or an incident report form can be found as a link on the Health and Safety webpage: Report an Incident. Please email your completed form to the Security Manager.  

A security incident may be defined as any event that affects the safe and harmonious workings of the University.

Lost and found property

Handing in Lost Property

If you find property it should be handed at the Control Hub located in the Harold Wilson Building.  The item will be entered in to the lost and found register and a receipt given.

All items of lost property will be transferred daily to the University’s ‘goods inward’ store and held for a period of three months.

Claiming Lost Property

Lost property can now be collected from the University Control hub, located in the Harold Wilson Building.

For any more information or to arrange a prior arrangement. This be made by telephoning 01484 472221 or by e-mailing

Please bring with you a valid form of identification (campus card, photo drivers licence, passport etc.) when collecting lost property.

Note: lost property will be held for a period of three months after which it will be disposed of.