Parking Permits for staff

There are currently two types of paid parking permit available to University of Huddersfield staff via a monthly payroll deduction. The two locations we have for parking are St Andrews Road and Queensgate Campus

St. Andrews Road

  • 110 bays which are allocated on a first come, first service basis and cost £30 per month or pro rata for part time staff.

Queensgate Campus

  • A number of fixed parking bays on the University of Huddersfield campus cost £60 per month or pro rota for part time staff.
  • These parking bays can be found in the following areas
    • Queensgate Campus
    • Firth Street car park
    • Printworks car park on St. Andrews Road
    • Queen Street car park on Queens Street South

Since the initial lottery in 2011 permits are allocated from waitlists for both types of parking permit. To apply to join either waitlist please fill in the web form below.

Applying For A Permit

The link below will send you to the application form you have to fill out to apply to join the waitlist for a parking permit on campus, or for St. Andrews Road. Please have your payroll number and telephone number at the ready.

Whilst on the waiting list you may find this extra information about alternative parking around Huddersfield very useful:

For any general enquires please email: 



Cancelling A Permit

 If you wish to cancel your permit, or to be removed from the waiting list please follow the link below to fill out the form. Please have your bay/permit number, payroll number and telephone number at the ready.

Alternative parking information can be found above

For any general enquires please email: