Reporting your registration to the Student Loan Company

To release the first instalment from your student loan the Student Loan Company (SLC) requires us to report your registration at the University.

Once your awarding authority*, for example Student Finance England (SFE), have completed and approved your assessment for student funding, the Student Loan Company on behalf of your awarding authority, will request an electronic confirmation of your registration at the University. This will happen automatically and you do not need to do anything, provided that you have:

  • Returned a signed declaration to your awarding authority, and your loan has been fully approved AND
  • Formally enrolled if you are a new student, or re-registered if you are a continuing student

Once your registration has been confirmed you should receive your first instalment into your bank approximately 3 working days later. For new students, your National Insurance number may have to be verified by the Department of Work and Pensions and this could cause a delay in receiving your first payment.

You will receive a courtesy text from your awarding authority to tell you when you can expect to receive your payment providing they have your phone number.

Common problems and how we can help you

Although reporting your registration is automatic sometimes problems can occur. We have put together a quick guide that can help you with a number of common problems and we have also summarised these in the check list below:

Have you returned your signed declaration form to your awarding authority?

Your declaration is the legal acceptance of your loan therefore until this has been returned to your awarding authority and processed you will not receive your first loan instalment. Please send this off as soon as possible. If you have misplaced this, you can log onto your online account with your awarding authority and print another copy. The postal address details are included on the form.

Did you originally apply for student support to attend a different University?

If your assessment was for a different University prior to 1 September, you can complete a 'Change of Circumstances' notification form to inform your awarding authority of your change in choice. This is available on your online student support account on the awarding authority’s website. After 1 September providing your assessment has been completed and approved for your previous institution, the University can process the change of circumstances notification on your behalf as well as confirm your registration to release your loan payment.

In order for us to do this you will need to provide us with a copy of your ‘Payment Schedule’ form as we require your Student Support Number from this in order to report your registration. This has 4 letters, a series of numbers and a final letter (for example: SFDU12345678A).

Have you previously applied for a course or been a student here before?

If you have previously applied for a course or have been a student here you may have been given a duplicate student number by the University or a new Student Support Number by your awarding authority. Please please contact us on 01484 473969 or email and we will check your details.

A mismatch of your personal details between the University and the SLC

The information provided on the electronic information from the SLC must be a 100% match to the information held on your University record. Sometimes something as simple as a misspelt name or the omission of your middle name by either party can cause the whole process to fail.

We do have processes in place to manually identify these discrepancies. However, there are still occasions when our Admissions and Records team cannot manually match up your details particularly if you applied for your student loan in a different name to that of your University record. If you notice any discrepancy on your student assessment paperwork, please contact us on 01484 473969 or email to match up your details.

Applying to Student Finance England as a continuing student

Please note that you need to apply annually for funding throughout the duration of your course. Here is some advice to help your application. This will ensure that you receive the correct level of support for tuition fee and maintenance loan/grant.

Omitting your placement year and progressing to your final year?

If you have decided not to take your placement year you will need to advise your awarding authority. When submitting your on-line application please ensure you select the correct course option from the drop-down list (for example: Business Management 3yr FT). This will correctly link you to the appropriate course tuition fee and correct level of maintenance loan/grant as a final year student.

Progressing from the Science Foundation or Engineering Foundation Year to a degree?

It is important that when you apply for your funding for the degree programme you include your previous study from the foundation year as this could affect your funding in future years.

To do this, when submitting your online application please select the appropriate degree course from the drop-down list. You need to choose the course you are about to start by selecting the degree you are progressing to plus ‘SW Ext frm Fdn Yr’ in the title (for example: Biochemistry SW Ext frm Fdn Yr).

Please note you are required to do this in all subsequent student support applications. If you need further help and guidance with this or any other issue relating the confirmation of registration, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions and Records team on 01484 473969 or email

*Awarding authorities: Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance NI, Student Awards Agency for Scotland