Research Professional

Research Professional provides information on funding sources, including those for PGRs. PGRs can register and create searches in the same way as staff and there are some pre-set searches relevant to PGRs (see the University of Huddersfield Research Professional webpage). More targeted searches for specific groups of PGRs can also be set up and shared via this page. Categories of funding include:

  1. Financial support for personal development
  2. Financial support for publishing
  3. Financial support for travel for research
  4. Financial support for travel to conferences and meetings

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding is an online resource for current and prospective postgraduate students (any subject, any nationality) who are looking to fund PhD, Master’s, and PGCE study (or parts of their study, such as travel grants) in the UK through grants from charities, trusts, and foundations.

The University of Huddersfield subscribe to this service, so to register just enter your email address into option one in the green box and a password will be emailed to you. Once you have your login details, you can login through option one in the blue box. Alternatively if you do not want to register and you are on campus, option two in the blue box allows you to login automatically from campus.

Funds for Women Graduates and the British Federation of Women Graduates

Both the FFWG and the BFWG offer different types of awards for women postgraduates. More information is available on their websites, including eligibility criteria and application forms.