Graduate Council

The role of the Council is to consider and discuss issues related to postgraduate provision and training at the University of Huddersfield from the perspective of PGRs and to inform the PGRs of potential changes of policy, regulations, codes of practice etc. Where necessary the Council can create subgroups to explore specific issues, and members of the subgroups can be co-opted from outside the Council.

The Council is chaired by the Dean of the Graduate School and is comprised of the following members: Two representatives from each School (ideally one second year PGR and one third year full-time PGR, or equivalent for part-time PGRs); a representative from Research and Enterprise; Secretary (from Research and Enterprise); President or deputy from the Students’ Union; Co-opted members as required (e.g. PGR Conference organisers).

The Council reports to the University Research Committee and passes information to the Graduate Board, and where necessary to the Senior Management Team, via the Dean. PGR members of the Council are expected to report back to the PGR communities in their respective Schools. Meetings are held six times per year. Minutes will be taken by the Secretary and circulated to Council members. Click the Graduate Council Terms of Reference pdf to download a copy of the Graduate Council’s Terms of Reference.

As a PGR, you can talk to the representatives from your School about any issues, comments or questions you have regarding your experience of being a researcher at Huddersfield. Your representatives may be able to put you in contact with someone within your School who can help you, or will raise your comments at the next Graduate Council meeting and respond back to you about any actions that will take place.

For a current list of PGR representatives in your School, or if you would like to become a representative, contact the Researcher Environment Team by emailing

The Dean of the Graduate School can be contacted by emailing