Enterprise Support

As a postgraduate researcher (PGR), your research may involve developing products or processes that you would like to turn into a business, freelancing or self-employment opportunity. Or you may have an idea that is unrelated to your research. Either way, as a PGR or PGR graduate within the last five years, you can access a range of Enterprise support including.

  1. Enterprise Support (including one-to-one support with advisers and a library of business books).
  2. Enterprise Resources (including useful links, forms, templates and answers to FAQs).
  3. Enterprise Workshops (free of charge and open to all PGRs, these workshops will introduce you to subjects such as researching the market, intellectual property, networking skills, branding etc).

There are further details on the help and support available to international PGRs and graduates. Contact the Enterprise Team for more information.

Vitaeā€™s Enterprise Lens, which links to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF), may also help to identify and strengths and gaps in enterprise knowledge, skills and attributes.