Could you explain your research in just 180 seconds?

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is a research communication competition for doctoral researchers, founded in 2008 by the University of Queensland. Presenters have three minutes to communicate their research and why it's important to a lay audience, using only one static PowerPoint slide. 3MT is open to doctoral candidates from all schools.

This is a competition that takes place on a university level and a national level. Huddersfield PGRs taking part will have their recorded presentations assessed by a panel, which will make the selection for our university final, where finalists will present live. This will be an online event, with all PGRs, and family and friends, welcome to watch the presentations.

This year our live final will take place on Wednesday June 22nd. The winner of the Huddersfield 3MT will then send their recorded presentation off to be considered in the national rounds of the competition.

Huddersfield 3MT final 2022 details

Here we will list this year’s finalists and the titles of their presentations, plus details of how to watch the event live – please check back soon! If you are a Huddersfield doctoral researcher and wish to take part in this year’s competition please look out for information sent via email or follow the instructions on the Researcher Environment Brightspace pages.