Things to do in your first few months

  • Attend a PGR induction.  There are two types of PGR induction: A central induction, which oulines all the support and opportunities available to PGRs from the central services, such as the Researcher Environment Team, the Library, Wellbeing and Disability Services, the Students' Union etc., and School inductions, which outline the training and opportunities specific to your School. Central inductions are run three times per year in September/October, January and April.  If you have missed the induction and would like to attend the next one, contact the Researcher Environment Team by emailing  Alternatively, if you have missed induction you can view a video and/or the PowerPoint slides from the central induction by logging into Brightspace, clicking on the Researcher Environment module, and viewing the Central Induction folder. Questions surrounding central induction should be directed to the Researcher Environment Team by emailing Questions regarding School inductions should be directed to your School research administrators in the first instance. A list of email addresses for each School can be found here
  • Explore the campus. Each building on campus has a one, two or three letter code. For example, R is the Ramsden building, RH is the Researcher Hub and QSB is the Queen Street Building. Room RH02/07 is the Researcher Hub, level 2, room 7.

  • Set up introductory meetings and objectives with your supervisor(s).
  • Familiarise yourself with the PGR Programme Guidance (you will need to login with your University username and password).
  • Have a look at Vitae’s Starting a Doctorate webpage, much of which is also applicable to Master’s level researchers, for useful tips and advice.

  • Ask more experienced PGRs what they wish they had known at the start of their research.
  • Find out more about the training and resources available in your School.