If you and/or your guests require particular seating arrangements due to a disability, you must ensure that full details are provided when booking your place.  These details are important to ensure that the appropriate arrangements are made and we will not be able to guarantee to meet your seating requirements on the day without them. 

Access to the stage for Graduands

The stage in St Paul's Hall is a raised platform which is accessed by a flight of steps and, due to the nature of the venue, it is not possible to avoid these; however, alternative arrangements for having your award conferred where it is not possible to navigate these will be made. Please let us know of your requirements when booking your place or by emailing graduation@hud.ac.uk (please make it clear that you are referring to yourself and not your guests).‌

Picture of graduation stage


British Sign Language Interpreter

Access to a BSL interpreter will be available providing that the University is given prior notice.  Please let us know your requirements when you register or by contacting graduation@hud.ac.uk


For any of the items above or if for any reason you need to contact us directly regarding any requirements please contact the Awards Team at: graduation@hud.ac.uk