Picture of graduation

The ceremonies are not recommended for young children, who can often be unsettled by the level of noise in the hall and the length of the ceremony.  For the comfort of other guests, guests with children may be sat near an exit and will be asked to take any child that becomes agitated or distressed out of the main hall to the foyer area. Children are welcome in the Video Link room which offers a more relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Children under the age of 24 months do not need a guest ticket but must be sat on a guest's lap. Children aged 2 - 16 must be accompanied by an adult and have their own ticket. Children cannot sit with the graduand.

As space in the venues is limited prams and pushchairs are not permitted entry.  They can be left outside in a manned marquee, but are done so at the owner's own risk so please ensure that you do not leave any valuables with them.