If you are in debt to the University, you will not be sent an online invitation to your graduation ceremony.  Additionally if you go into debt after the ceremony invites are issued your invitation will be withdrawn.

In order to attend your graduation ceremony you must have paid your debt with the Student Finance Office and then contacted us at to let us know before the deadline of Monday 22 April 2019

It is your responsibility to inform the Graduation Team that your debt has been cleared - an invitation will not automatically be issued.

Once we have been notified you will be sent an invite and you must register your attendance and order any guest tickets before 11.55pm on Tuesday 30 April 2019. Niether your place at the ceremony nor guest seats within the venue can be guaranteed if the deadline is missed.

If your debt is not cleared by the deadline you will forfeit your chance to attend the ceremonies.

Please contact the Student Finance Office on 01484 473618 to make arrangements to clear any debt.