Ticket Allocation - Graduates and Guests

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Guest names and ID requirements

Additional guest tickets for St Paul's Hall

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Collection of tickets on the day


Graduates Ticket

Booking will be open at 10am on Wednesday 6 March 2019 and will close at 11.55pm on Tuesday 30 April 2019 and it is not possible to book at any other time.  Beyond this time and date, a place at the advertised ceremony can no longer guaranteed and it may not be possible for you to attend a ceremony with your course colleagues. As such, please do not wait for your results to book your tickets if you want to attend.

To attend the ceremony, you must book your place via our online graduation booking system. Please see How to book your place for details. 

Guest Tickets

When you register your place you will be asked to select the number of guest tickets you wish to order. Due to limited capacity, you may apply for:

  • up to TWO guest tickets in the main graduation ceremony venue (St Paul's Hall); and
  • up to FOUR guest tickets in the live video link lecture theatre. These tickets entitle the holder entrance to the video link lecture theatre venue only; they do not allow entrance into the main venue. We release all of the tickets we have available; once the system indicates that there are no further tickets, the venue has sold out.

When you reach the relevant screen (copy below) click on the arrow key in the drop-down box to select the number of tickets you require for each of the venues.

For St Paul's Hall - you need to order one ticket for yourself and a maximum of two tickets for your guests. So:

  • if you want to attend without guests, select 1 ticket
  • if you want to attend with one guest, select 2 tickets
  • if you want to attend with two guests, select 3 tickets

For the live video link lecture theatre - you can order a maximum of four tickets for guests. So:

  • if you don't want any video link lecture theatre tickets, leave it as 0 tickets
  • if you want one video link lecture theatre guest ticket, select 1 ticket
  • if you want two video link lecture theatre guest tickets, select 2 tickets
  • if you want three video link lecture theatre guest tickets, select 3 tickets
  • if you want four video link lecture theatre guest tickets, select 4 tickets 



If you are struggling, please download our Step-by-step guide to booking your place.

You do not need a ticket to watch via the online web stream broadcast.

Guest tickets are free of charge but are only guaranteed if ordered before the deadline of 11.55pm on Tuesday 30 April.

Any second bookings (even with a different reference number) which puts your account in excess of the permitted number of guests will be cancelled and no guest tickets will be issued for that order. For details of how to book your guest tickets, please see How to book your place.


The ceremonies are not recommended for young children, who can often be unsettled by the level of noise in the hall and the length of the ceremony.  All children in both venues must be accompanied by an adult and children aged 2 to 16 must have their own ticket. Children cannot sit with the graduand. Prams and pushchairs are not allowed in the venues but can be stored outside for the duration of the ceremony. For full details, please see children.

Guest names and ID requirements

When you book your guests' tickets you will be asked to provide their full names as reflected on the ID they intend to bring to the ceremony. Please ensure that you provide the full names of all your guests. For instance, if your guest is William Jones, please don't use:

  • initials, ie W Jones
  • abbreviated names, ie Will Jones
  • just first names, ie William
  • relationships, ie dad.

Guests whose names have not been provided in advance will not be allowed to enter either venue even if in possession of a valid ticket. Examples of what will be accepted include:

  • passport
  • photo driving licence
  • work photo pass
  • student card
  • any other kind of photo ID
  • a bill showing the guest's name and address
  • a bank statement showing the guest's name and address
  • for children, we will accept anything with their name and address on. Children without ID can enter the venues so long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket and in possession of any of the above. Children over 24 months must have their own ticket.

All documents should be the originals as photocopies cannot be accepted.

Additional Guest Tickets - St Paul's Hall

The opportunity for additional guests to watch the ceremonies is provided via a live video stream to either a lecture theatre on campus or your own computer. There will not be any additional tickets for St Paul's Hall offered prior to the ceremonies and we do not hold a waiting list for St Paul's Hall tickets.

Any St Paul's Hall tickets which are returned to us will be made available on the day of your ceremony as an upgrade to those guests already in possession a video link ticket whose name has been provided in advance. Once you have registered your arrival, please visit the Additional Ticket Desk to see what we have available. Details of your registration times can be found at Arrival Times and Locations.

If you are unsuccessful in obtaining additional tickets to either venue, guests are still welcome to accompany you onto campus and we will have a variety of cafes and seating areas where they can sit and watch from their own mobile device (please see below).

Additional Guest Tickets - live link video lecture theatre

If you would like more than four video link tickets then please order the four allowed and then email us at graduation@hud.ac.uk with your request, including how many tickets you require and the full names of the guests. We will add you to a waiting list and will contact you as soon as possible if the video link lecture theatre tickets become available. This does not guarantee the extra tickets, but if we have any spares we will be happy to let you have them.

Additional guests - watch live

Ceremonies will be streamed live and can be viewed from any computer or mobile device at home, overseas or on campus.

Guests without venue tickets are very welcome to accompany you onto campus and we will have a variety of cafes and seating areas where they can sit and watch from their own mobile device.

To watch from your own computer, please see Watch Live. You do not need a ticket to watch via the website broadcast.

Watch Again

Recordings of the ceremonies will also be available at Watch Again for you and your guests to watch at a later date. 

Collection of Tickets

All tickets are collected on the day at registration; they are not posted to you. Admission to the ceremony is by ticket only and entry will be refused to non-ticket holders.