Support queries


Will my lecturers know about my requirements?

Discover who we share your support requirements with to help ensure you receieve the support you need, when you need it.


How can I get assessed for dyslexia/SpLD?

Follow our simple process to get assessed for dyslexia or a Specific Learning Difficulty.


Can I get support whilst on placement?

Discover how we can support you whilst on placement.


What are support workers?

Find out more about our support workers - including campus support, notetakers and specialist support tutors.


Can I get support as an international student?

Discover information on the support available to all of our students - whether you be from the UK, EU or overseas.


What happens if I need personal care?

Find out more about how we support your personal care requirements.


How do I get support during my exams?

Discover full details of accessing support during exams, including how to provide evidence and the type of support you can receive.