How can I get assessed for dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)?

We offer lots of support for students with dyslexia or a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD), and can arrange for you to have an Educational Psychologist Assesment. This assessment involves a short series of activities to help identify your specific learning style, strengths and areas of requirement.

1. Firstly, you will need to arrange an appointment with a Disability Adviser through iPoint. At this appointment, the Adviser will talk through the process of getting a full Educational Psychologist Assessment and the support available to you. You will be given a questionnaire that covers the difficulties you are experiencing, and you will have the option to proceed to a full assessment.

2. Prior to completing the full assessment, you will be required to pay a £60 contribution. This is paid online.

3. The assessment will be carried out by an independent, qualified psychologist or an indiividual with an Assessment Practicing Certificate. You will be asked to complete various tasks which will provide a profile of the way you may affected by an SpLD.

4. You will be given an Initial Recommendations sheet which will confirm whether or not you have an SpLD.

5. If you do, your recommended support will be detailed in a Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP) available to relevant staff at the University. The full assessment report will be sent to your student email address and may include details of further support options and how to access them.

Each student with an SpLD will receive support that is individual to them. This may involve making accommodations in lectures, seminars or exams, or when using University facilities.