Can I get support whilst on placement?

All students at the University have access to the same opportunities when undertaking work based learning or placements. If you require some additional support or adjustments before and during your placement, or you are not sure about whether you will need support, please contact Disability Services, your Placement Unit/tutor or Careers and Employability Services to discuss this further.

Examples of support include:

  • Support to write the application letter or to produce a CV.
  • Arranging a placement close to your home or with good links to accessible public transport.
  • Ensuring that you can access the work placement using ramps, height adjustable desks, push pads on doors, accessible toilets etc.
  • Making specialist equipment and software available - e.g. screen reading software, speech to text software, magnification software, adapted mouse or keyboard, use of a digital recorder etc.
  • Making changes to working hours such as working less days each week to complete the placement over a longer time period or altering start or finish times.
  • Providing a support worker such as a British Sign Language Interpreter

We strongly encourage you to disclose your disability to your placement provider. This will ensure that you can fully demonstrate your skills and abilities. We will not pass information about your disability to the placement provider without your permission and there may be options to partially disclose your disability.

For more information about this, please see the Accessible Placements and Disabled Students Policy and Appendices Jan 2016.