Support in exams

There are times when the impact of an ongoing disability or condition can affect performance in an exam. Here are some examples which demonstrate why adjustments may be necessary:

  • Difficulties in keeping your concentration over a sustained time period due to mental health issues or a specific learning difficulty.
  • The need to take regular breaks if you experience high levels of pain when remaining seated for long periods.
  • Issues in producing a handwritten script at the speed required.
  • The need for access to food and drink due to diabetes or another condition.
  • It takes longer to read and absorb information on the exam script.
  • You need information in an alternative format such as larger print

If you feel you need some additional support, the University may be able to put in place some adjustments for your exams such as:

  • additional time for a time limited exam (such as three hours),
  • the use of a computer rather than handwriting,
  • the exam paper in an alternative format,
  • the provision of a support worker. 

Please note, if you have an online exam which you can complete within a 24-hour period (or longer), additional time is not applied in these circumstances.

Prior to meeting your adviser to discuss exam support, please consider what challenges you face during timed assessments. It would help to also think about the following:

  • Whether you require support in all types of assessment - for example, you may have multiple choice exams or essay questions
  • Do you need support in both long and short exams?
  • Will you need support in online exams, on campus exams, or both?


Cut off dates for exam support to be put in place

If you do not already have exam support in place, for support to be put in place, you will need to provide evidence to Disability Services and have a meeting with a Disability Adviser by the following dates: 

For the Jan 2024 exam period – Monday 4 December 2023 

For the May 2024 exam period - Friday 5 April 2024 

For the July 2024 re-sit period - Friday 7 June 2024 

If you have an exam or in-class test outside the January and May exam periods, please note the cut-off date for registering and providing evidence to Disability Services is three weeks before the date of the exam.  


What should I do next if I do not have exam support in place?

Please book an appointment with a Disability Adviser as soon as possible. You will need to provide evidence of your disability which can be in the form of a letter from your GP, an educational psychologist assessment or a report from a medical or clinical practitioner.  You will also need to register with the service which you can do by completing the registration form. Your Disability Adviser will be able to provide more details about this.


How do I book an appointment?

To make an appointment with a Disability Adviser: 

Appointments are currently offered online, via telephone or in person.


What if I have already been in contact with Disability Services?

If you already have a Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP) in place which states the support you require in exams; you do not need to contact Disability Services but check with your academic school that they are aware of your exam adjustments.  

If you have any general enquiries about exam support, please email with the subject 'Exam Support'.