Frequently Asked Questions

I am worried about/have issues with my attendance, can Back on Track help?

Yes, but please note that Back on Track does not monitor your attendance.  If you have been absent or need to report any absences or if you are concerned or confused about how your attendance has been monitored, you need to email or call the attendance contact for your school. Attendance monitoring contacts

Back on Track Advisers can however provide support if you are struggling with personal or academic issues that are having a negative impact on your attendance by helping you to work through these issues and find solutions.   

I have had problems with my student card and haven’t been able to swipe into some of my lectures,  can Back on Track help?

No, this is not a Back on Track issue.  If you have not been swiping into your lectures, then it will affect your attendance record and you need to notify your school straight away. Attendance monitoring contacts

To resolve problems with your student card (or if you have lost it), you need to go to the iPoint desk at the entrance to Student Central.


I have been referred in some modules and would like advice; what should I do?

If you have been referred, it’s firstly an academic matter and you will need to speak to your course leader or personal tutor to discuss what this means for you.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, or if you have issues that are impacting on your ability to study,  it might be helpful to seek advice, guidance and support at a Back on Track appointment.


I think I am on the wrong course, can I change to another one?

It can be difficult to change course after the first few weeks because of the amount of work that you will have missed, but talk to your current Course Leader and the Course Leader of the course to which you wish to transfer, to discuss your options.  If you are undecided on which new course you would like to study, you may want to book an appointment with a Careers Adviser to get ideas of other courses that may be more suitable.


I am struggling with my studies and recently found out I’m dyslexic; is there any extra help?

How do you know that you are dyslexic?  Have you had a screening or Educational Psychologist’s assessment for dyslexia?  If you have been diagnosed through the University’s Disability Services, then you will receive an Educational Psychologist’s report by email which will recommended the support that you need.  If you haven’t had a screening or Educational Psychologist’s assessment to confirm your dyslexia, then the first thing to do is book an appointment with Disability Services so you can discuss this with a Disability Adviser.


I am struggling financially, who can help?

Probably the best place to start is by making contact with Student Finance to talk about your financial situation and check that you have accessed any money that you are entitled to. However, you might also want to make an appointment with Wellbeing Services to talk about how this is affecting you. 

If you have landlord or other accommodation issues and need legal advice, the Students’ Union Advice Centre can help. Student Finance and Wellbeing Services are based on Level 4 of Student Central.  The Students’ Union Advice Centre is on Level 5 of Student Central.


I’m in my final year and have struggled with a number of issues in years one and two.  Is it too late for me to get support from Back on Track?

No, if the issues are having a direct impact on your studies, then booking a Back on Track appointment can provide you with support and guidance. During this appointment, your Adviser will be able to direct you to other support services such as the Wellbeing team if required.   


I’m really behind with my studies, can Back on Track help?

In the first instance, it would be a good idea to speak to your Personal or Module Tutors to discuss your situation.  For academic support, including help with time management and organisation issues, contact the Academic Skills Tutors in your school.

If you are behind with your studies due to other reasons, please book an appointment.


I think I want to transfer to a different university, can I get advice from Back on Track?

‘I think’ sounds like you are still unsure!  What is behind this decision? When do you want to transfer? Have you done any research? Have you spoken to your tutors?  Consider these questions, but also book a Back on Track appointment.


I am a PhD student and I’m lacking motivation, can Back on Track help?

Yes - feel free to book an appointment with us!


I’m struggling with some personal issues and think I may need to take a year out, can Back on Track Help?

Yes! Please book an appointment with us. 

You may also want to speak to your personal tutor if you feel comfortable to do so.  


I do not like the course I am on, can I come and talk to a Back on Track Adviser?

Yes! However, before you come to Back on Track, you may want to book an appointment with a careers adviser to look at other courses that may be more suitable.

How do I find out who my personal tutor is?

Your School or Departmental Office, or student Support office should be able to give you this information.


Who can I approach in the school about my course?

This depends on what you want to discuss.  If it’s about academic issues, then speak to your personal tutor, or course tutor.  If you have problems with the content of your course or the way it’s delivered, and don’t feel you can speak to a staff member, you can raise the issue with the student representative for your course.  They will pass your queries anonymously to the next student panel where it will be addressed.  These issues are then reviewed in a course committee which is attended by student representatives and tutors of your course.  If you don’t know who your student representative is, you can find out via the Students’ Union.

If you want to make a formal complaint about your course (or member of staff), you can write to your Head of Department or Dean of your academic school.  The Students' Union Advice Centre offer support to students regarding these issues.


How do I apply for Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances?

It is recommended that in the first instance you speak to your personal tutor or module tutors to discuss your situation.  To apply for an extension/EC you will need to log onto the Student Portal where you will find a link under My Details.   

For more information about extensions and EC's and the application process, please contact the Support and Guidance Officer in your School or the Back on Track team:



Am I able to get support from Back on Track if I suspend my studies?

Yes! Back on Track can provide on-going  support for resolving the issues that led you to suspend your studies,  as well as guide you through the process of returning to university.  It might be useful to refer to the ‘Return to Study’ section of our webpage and read Suspension of Studies (Guidance for Students).