You said, we did

"The service needs more appointment slots to make booking easier."

We have increased our appointments by 20% in the last year. We have also introduced 10 same day appointments, and have advanced appointments with Advisers that students can pre-book.


"It would be great to have a support group for visually impaired students."

We are in the process of organising an event to support access to accessibility software, and the overall social experience, of students with visual impairments. This will run in conjuction with the Disability Library Co-ordinator and HudStudy.


"I wish I had known I could register at the beginning of my course."

We have joined up with the Students' Union to promote early registration with Disability Services so that we can begin to support students as soon as possible.


"I'd prefer to complete the registration form outside of my counselling appointment."

We added an additional appointment to each round of counselling to guarantee that the registration form is completed with our support without reducing the amount of contact time you have to discuss the difficulties you face.