Mindmapping is a powerful, visual way of organising your notes and thoughts that
can help you to structure your work. Add words, images and even paragraphs
to build a meaningful diagram, which can then be exported in various formats. 

MindView 6 is available on all University computers. This means that you can use it anywhere
to help you ‘mindmap’ your lectures, your reading and your assignments.

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Courses for MindView cover: 

  • How to log on to the software
  • How to create basic mindmaps
  • How to add further information, such as links, sound files, documents, citations
  • How to export mindmaps in various formats (such as Word, PowerPoint) 

Courses for staff: 

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Courses for students:

Training for students is currently on a 1-1 basis. Please contact hudstudy@hud.ac.uk or telephone 01484 471334 to book, or call in to one of our drop-in sessions.