Transcribe software from Wreally assists you to transcribe interviews for research purposes. 

It can do this in several ways: 

  • You can listen to a short part of an audio or video file and then pause the replay, and type in the words you have heard. 
  • You can use a feature called 'autoloop' which gives you a few seconds to type, and then it starts playing again when you have typed the words that were spoken. With this feature, there is no need to keep pressing pause and play. It is continuous.
  • You can try using ‘dictate’ for which you will nned a headset with a microphone. You listen to a short phrase, pause and then speak it back. It will add the words for you. You will need to add punctuation and layout appropriately. The success of this depends on how well the computer understands your voice and accent and the results can be variable - but it's worth a try and can save you time. 

We have licenses available to 'loan', so please request one when you are ready to start your transcription work. We will ask for the licence back when you have finished your work.

Tel:01484 471334