Purchasing computer hardware or software

BYOD or purchasing image

We appreciate that whilst you're a student, you'll want to access the same software on your own equipment that you can access on campus PCs.   You'll find our UniDesktop solution really useful for this.  In addition....

You can get SPSS, Minitab and NVivo software from the Library Enquiry Desk.  SPSS and NVivo are also available via our Software downloads

All students with a UniMail account have access to Office 365 software.  This lasts for the duration of your course.

Anti-virus software is available for download via the student portal - for more information see Anti-virus help.

Some Microsoft developer and designer tools are available to students via Microsoft imagine(formerly Dreamspark).

You can borrow laptops from the Library.  There are 96 laptops available for use both on and off campus for a period of 48 hours.  All you need to do is swipe your campus card to borrow a laptop, as they are linked to the University's library system.

The following links may be useful if you wish to purchase computer software or hardware: