Microsoft Imagine

What is Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark)?

Microsoft Imagine is a scheme in which Microsoft provides students with free access to application development and design software. This is available to all students of the University.

How do I get access to the software?

Go to the Microsoft Imagine website,

Create an account using your UniMail address (for example .  You'll have to create a password for Imagine - remember that this is entirely independent of your actual UniMail password.

Re-enter your UniMail email address when asked for your school email account, on the verification page.  Microsoft Imagine will send you an activation code, and then you'll be able to download from their site. 


What is Microsoft Imagine Premium (formerly DreamSpark Premium)?

Microsoft Imagine Premium is an exclusive part of the Imagine programme specifically aimed a STEM students. This gives you access to all the software & tools within the Microsoft Imagine programme (as above) but with more specific development & testing software.

We currently have this running within the School of Computing & Engineering. For access please contact the IT technical staff within the School of Computing & Engineering (C&E students only). You can email them at or visit their office in CW2/04.

The download files are large so make sure you have the bandwidth and enough disk space to bring them to your machine.