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What is UniLearn?

UniLearn is the University’s virtual learning environment which provides access to electronic documents, social media tools and assignment submission tools to support your studies. Within UniLearn, your will see a home page for your school that contains important information. There will also be areas for each module that you are enrolled on. Each module area will contain the following.

  • Announcements - such as lecture room changes and assignment submission dates
  • Module Information  - such as your module handbook
  • Staff information  - information on your tutors and how to contact them
  • Learning Resources - this area may contain any of the following
    • Electronic documents (Word PDF, PowerPoint etc.)
    • Blogs, wikis & discussion boards
    • Videos and multimedia
    • Links to useful external resources
  • Areas to submit you assignments
  • A link to your module’s reading lists

You may also find that there you are enrolled on resource areas which will give you access to content to support your studies as a whole.

How can I access UniLearn?

UniLearn can be accessed on or off campus at any time of day.

You can access UniLearn via StudentHub or access it directly at http://unilearn.hud.ac.uk

There's also a UniLearn mobile app .

Log into UniLearn using your  University username (e.g. u0812345) and password to access your course information, and module learning resources.

To log in to your Unilearn enter your username and password in the login dialogue box on the top left of the screen.

Help with UniLearn

If you are having technical trouble with UniLearn, contact IT Support.

If you are having problems locating items within a module in UniLearn, your tutor is best placed to advise you.

UniLearn contains an assignment submission tool called Turnitin that may be used by your tutors.  If you have questions about Turnitin you may find the answers here