Unitube video-streaming service

Unitube logo

UniTube is the University's video streaming and lecture capture service.  It has many useful educational videos uploaded to it, including free-to-air TV programs and films and videos created by members of staff.  You may be directed to it by your tutor, or by links in UniLearn.

Unitube is at http://unitube.hud.ac.uk

Television recordings

There are many TV programs stored in UniTube, making it a great place to catch up on  television and radio.

How do I find what's there?

Go to the website http://unitube.hud.ac.uk and search to see what's there!

You can search the entire UniTube collection, or just Freeview TV.  FreeView recordings are also shown in the Library Catalogue (Summon), as video recordings.

 Unitube opening screen