Key dates

What do I need to do and by when?

1. Provide eligibility information 

Eligibility for the Bursary or Scholarship is determined by provision of information during enrolment and to funding bodies who award maintenance loans and tuition fees. When this is in place, students will be notified via email of eligibility and the next steps. 

Any delays in provision of income information to the funding bodies or qualifications to the University will prevent confirmation of eligibility. If you think you are eligible but are aware some information is missing, please contact who will be able to explore this with you. 

2. Opt in and order with XMA 

Once the University has confirmed your eligibility via email, you are required to opt in and confirm that you wish to access the Laptop Bursary. You will also need to confirm that you understand that accessing the Laptop Bursary will reduce your Huddersfield Scholarship Bursary by £500 if you are subsequently eligible. 

After you have opted in you will receive an email with instructions on how to order. This is normally received within 48 hours.

The laptop scheme will close on Monday 30 November and no student will be confirmed as eligible after this date. 

If you have not placed your order by Monday 14 December your bursary credit will be voided. 

Important dates 

14 September 2020  

Eligible students will be invited to the Laptop Bursary scheme via email. Any students becoming eligible after this date will be notified by a weekly email.

30 November 2020 

The Laptop Bursary scheme closes.

14 December 2020 

The supplier portal closes and any unused credits are voided.

December 2020     

Students eligible for the Huddersfield Scholarship will be notified of payment arrangements. These will be either £500 where the Laptop Bursary has already been claimed, or £1000 where the Laptop Bursary has not already been claimed.

February 2021

Students eligible for the Huddersfield Scholarship will receive payment into their bank account.