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Laptop Bursaries

In 2020/21 to support student access to learning during an extended period of social distancing the University has established a Laptop Bursary. Eligible students may be awarded £500 credit to redeem against a laptop with a designated supplier. Up to 1000 x £500 Laptop Bursaries will be awarded to first year, UK undergraduates in line with the principles and criteria below.

Huddersfield Scholarship

Furthermore, the established 1000 x £1000 Huddersfield Scholarships, awarded to UK first year undergraduate students have been augmented to support digital access in 2020/21 by inclusion of a student choice to access a £500 Laptop Bursary on completion of enrolment in September 2020. This enables the purchase of a laptop early in term one, with the balance as a £500 cash scholarship, paid as normal in February 2021. Students not redeeming the Laptop Bursary will be awarded a full cash scholarship of £1000 in February. 

Operating Conditions

Family income and qualifications data quality and completeness increases through the academic year, normally allowing eligibility criteria for the Huddersfield Scholarship to be confidently applied and administered early in term two. The data quality and completeness impacts upon the intent of these schemes, to support student learning by provision of laptops as early as possible in term one.

Consequently, up-to 2000 £500 Laptop Bursaries will be offered early in term one, using the common eligibility criteria of UK, undergraduate, first year/new enrolment and family income under £25,000.

Eligible students will be invited to opt into the scheme and notified at that time of the impact on the Huddersfield Scholarship, should they subsequently become eligible.

The intent and operating conditions inform the principles and administration rules detailed.

Laptop Bursaries - Principles

In 2020/21 up to 2000 x £500 Laptop Bursaries will be awarded to students meeting the following criteria.

  1. Student is newly enrolled on a full-time undergraduate studies programme at the University in 2020/21 in their first year of study.
  2. Student is UK citizen with confirmed tuition fee support.
  3. Student family income is less than £25,000 per annum (verified through student finance application, which is an eligibility requirement).
  4. Students eligible for the Huddersfield Scholarship programme in 2020/21 may opt into receive a Laptop Bursary and will be notified that this will reduce their cash scholarship award to £500, which is paid normally in February 2021.
  5. Students in receipt of a laptop resultant from the Disabled Student Allowance Award or in the processes of applying for Disabled Student Allowance that will likely result in the award of a laptop, are not eligible for a Laptop Bursary but will be able to access a short term loan laptop from disability services during the period their award is being processed and equipment supplied.
  6. Laptop Bursaries will not be available to:
    i. students on one-year top-up degree programmes; 
    ii. part-time students;
    iii. where the Laptop Bursary value exceed the tuition fee to be charged;
    iv. students that already hold an undergraduate honours degree level qualification; or
    v. students from non-EU countries, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Laptop Bursary - Administration rules

The Student Finance Office will confirm household income level of less than £25,000 to establish students who are eligible for the Laptop Bursary. The income level information will be supplied by Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland/SAAS through the standard means testing process.

  1. The Student Finance Office will then award a Laptop Bursary to those students that meet the criteria set out above. Data reports will be run on a weekly basis from the 14th September to 30th November.
  2. Eligible students will be informed by email of their award and issued an invite to opt in. On confirmation of opting in students will be provided with instructions to order a laptop.
  3. The Laptop Bursary scheme will open to students from 14th September 2020. Final eligibility reports and email notifications will be processed on 30th November and the scheme will be considered closed, but students who have received an email confirming their eligibility can still opt in to receive the £500 Laptop Bursary after this date.
  4. Issued bursaries may be used until the 14th December. Any bursary credit un-used by 14th December will be voided and no alternative will be available.
  5. After 14th December the Student Finance Office will reconcile students eligible for the Huddersfield Scholarship against those who have received a laptop to make balancing payments of the Huddersfield Scholarship in February 2021.  

How to access a Laptop Bursary

  1. Students do not need to fill out a separate application in order to apply for a Laptop Bursary– you will do this as part of your student finance application through Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland/SAAS who carries out means testing on behalf of the University of Huddersfield.
  2. The University will contact you to confirm your eligibility and preferences with regard to provision of the Laptop Bursary in term one of 2020.
  3. Further information about scholarships and bursaries as well as information on how to apply for student finance can be found on the Student Finance England website.
  4. Further information about the Laptop Bursary in 2020 is available on the Laptop Bursary website.


If you would like to speak to someone at the University about the Laptop Bursary please contact laptops2020@hud.ac.uk. 

Terms and Conditions related to Laptop Bursary provision:

  1. Students eligible for a Laptop Bursary in 2020/21 may choose to receive and redeem £500 credit in term one of 2020/21.
  2. The £500 credit is provided to enable you to purchase a laptop via our chosen supplier XMA Ltd. No cash alternative is available for use with alternative suppliers.
  3. The Laptop Bursary can only be used to order and purchase a laptop. The bursary credit has a value of £500, should you wish to access a laptop costing more than £500 or any additional equipment, you may do so at your own cost via XMA Ltd at the time of ordering your laptop.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, no change will be given if the full £500 is not used to purchase a laptop and the remaining balance will be forfeited.
  5. Upon receipt the goods ordered are owned by you. You will be responsible for reasonable use, maintenance, security and any insurance of the goods.
  6. The University does not accept any liability for maintenance of equipment purchased under the scheme and warranty matters should be referred to the supplier.
  7. The University accepts no liability for security or insuring the equipment.
  8. Personal computers are supplied with operating systems licensed to the recipient. You will be responsible for licensing of any further software installed. Please note enrolled students can download up to 5 instances of Office365 and virus protection software to your PC or laptop using their unimail email address.
  9. The University will share limited personal details (your university email and name) with XMA Ltd to enable the verification of eligibility, supply and fulfilment of a laptop to you.
  10. The scheme will close on 30th November. No students will become eligible after this date.
  11. Students not opting into the Laptop Bursary or redeeming their bursary credit by 14th December 2020 will forfeit their right to benefit from the scheme and any credit will be invalid after this date.
  12. Students must indicate their acceptance of these terms and conditions below: 
  13. I accept that once my qualifications are confirmed, if they exceed or are equal to 120 UCAS points and if I remain enrolled with the University in February 2021, I may be eligible for the Huddersfield Scholarship and that by choosing to access this Laptop Bursary, any Huddersfield Scholarship awarded will be comprised as a £500 Laptop Bursary awarded in term one and £500 cash payment in February 2021.
  14. I am not in receipt or applying for Disabled Students Allowance which may entitle me to access a funded laptop.
  15. I accept the terms and conditions detailed here on https://students.hud.ac.uk/laptop2020.