Psychometric Tests and Assessment Centres

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are used by employers to assess whether candidates have the necessary levels of ability for the job and to gather information about their skills and sometimes personal attributes. 

Tests could include the following:

Aptitude tests: 

  • These evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform specific tasks or respond to different situations. Tests may include: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical thinking, critical thinking, diagrammatic / inductive reasoning plus others used by different employers.

Personality questionnaires:

  • Help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses to build an overall profile of personality traits.

Situational Judgement Tests:

  • You are asked to identify the most appropriate response / answer to hypothetical scenarios. It is likely that the employer will have their own bespoke questions.

Games based assessment aka Gamification:

  • It is becoming increasingly common for employers to test your abilities by asking you to take a game based assessment.


Gamification or a game based assessment, this means that an employer may ask you to play a game on your phone or PC using an app or link that they send to you. The games can measure many things, such as how you perform under pressure, your judgement, numeracy and analytical skills and much more.

It can be tricky to prepare for these games unless the recruiter gives you specific advice for preparation. Make sure you are relaxed and happy before playing the games, don’t complete them after a stressful journey or difficult lecture this may affect your responses in the game.