Application forms and speculative applications

Application forms, Supporting Statements and Speculative Applications

Before writing any of these forms of application, make sure you:

  • Allow plenty of time to write and re-draft your application form.
  • Read instructions attached to the form.
  • Reflect the language used in the job description when filling in the form.
  • Plan your form to allow you to have a clear, concise structure.
  • Re-read your form and keep a copy.

What will I be asked in my application?

In the application form you will likely be asked competancy and situational questions. How to answer these types of questions are available in the booklet above!

Competency questions

A competency question will ask for an example of a time you have demonstrated a skill or worked in a particular way.


Situational questions

A situational question is similar, except, rather than asking how you have worked in the past, it asks how you would act in a future situation

What are supporting statements?

A supporting statement is an alternative way of applying for a role compared to sending in a CV and cover letter. An advert will state if you need to apply using a supporting statement. If this is the case, the employer will provide an information pack about the job role which will include a Person Specification or similar.

This is a list of attributes required for the role, and in your statement you will need to show that you meet all of the essential criteria, as well as any desirable criteria as well. This method of applying is very common in some sectors, especially Healthcare, Education and Charities.

Check out our Speculative Applications and how to create one is available as well as from the banner above.

What are speculative applications?

A speculative application is when you contact employers that you are interested in working with even though they are not advertising the job role you want to do. The idea is that you get in touch anyway to see if something could be arranged.

Speculative applications can be a great way of finding work or work experience, especially if you are struggling to find work that suits you, either because there aren’t many advertised opportunities or because you are restricted with the time that you can work.

Our guide on writing a strong speculative application is available here Speculative Applications or you can click the button from the banner below!