Create a successful CV

Create a successful CV 

Want to create and develop your CV? Follow our step-by-step process for producing a successful CV:

1. Use our CV advice booklet to create your CV

2. Once you're happy, log in and put your CV through the CV Checker on MyCareer Plus.If you are a graduate you may need to request access, you can do so by filling out the MyCareerPlus registration form

The checker runs through the main things that employers look for in CVs and will give you personalised feedback. Take note of the feedback and use it to change and develop your CV.

3. Employers will expect that your CV is tailored specifically to the role that you are applying for. Use the job advert to identify the requirements of the job (e.g. experience, skills and knowledge), and make sure these stand out on your CV.

Once you achieve 80%+ on CV Checker, book a short appointment with our careers team to receive personalised feedback on tailoring your CV. Remember to attach a screenshot of your CV Checker feedback, the job advert, and your CV to your appointment booking. Unfortunately if these documents aren't attached we will have to cancel your appointment.