What is BAME?

"BAME stands for Black, Asian, Arabic and other minority ethnic students. We use the term BAME to refer to students that are of, but not excluded to, Asian, Arabic, Chinese or Afro-Caribbean descent." Source: Huddersfield Student Union

Equality Act and your rights

What are my protected rights under race in the Eqaulity act? 

Race and positive action initiatives

Wanting to discover employers that are tackling race issues in the work place?

Have you experienced discrimination at work or during the application process?

If you feel there are cultural, religious or other reasons relating to your ethnicity and/or race that affect your choice or career, career plans or job search strategy, please raise these issues with our Careers Advisers. Employers, by law, are not allowed to treat a person less favourably than others due to their race, ethnicity, religion or belief. This is discrimination and illegal, if you believe that you have been discriminated against in your search for work or feel that an employer has treated you unfairly on the basis of your ethnic origin you access our support below: