What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is another brilliant way of gaining experience and something that graduate employers look for on your CV, as it shows you have made a positive contribution to society whilst helping others. It is also rewarding to help the local community whilst developing transferable skills for your career.

Volunteering can take on many forms, it can range from volunteering at your local charity shop, to building up professional exerience or you can even travel overseas and volunteer globally. Find some resources below to help you with seeking volunteering opportunities.

How do I apply for volunteering

There are many ways to apply for volunteering, some only require your details and a talk with the manager, whereas some International volunteering opportunities may follow a similar process to the Job Application process including applications and interviews. 

Some opportunities may require a CV and covering letter to demonstrate your suitability for that opportunity whereas with some opportunities, if you are looking to volunteer for a company of your choice, you may need to submit a speculative application if they aren't advertising for volunteers. For our guide on speculative applications, see below!

If you would like any further support in seeking volunteering opportunities, please book an appointment with one of our Careers advisers.