Work experience

Work experience

Employers want more than a degree; they look for a range of relevant skills and experiences.

The value of work experience

  • It can make your CV stand out.
  • You develop key skills that will make you more employable.
  • Can offer you an opportunity to put theory from your course into practice.
  • Allows you to network with employers.
  • It's an opportunity to identify jobs that aren't always advertised.
  • Get a work based reference - vital for your CV.

Types of work experience

  • Voluntary work: Unpaid time spent working for an organisation, often a charity.
  • Vacation Placements: experience undertaken during university holidays.
  • Work Shadowing observing someone during their working day - can usually last between 1 day and 1 week.
  • Industrial/Sandwich placements are a great way to immerse yourself in a specific role and industry.
  • Internships these are an opportunity to work in an organisation.

Getting work experience / getting a job

We've put together a whole collection of resources that will aid you get that ever-valuable work experience, these resources contain the following content:

  • Getting a job with no prior experience
  • General job seeking tips
  • Our guide on getting a part time job
  • Using social media platforms to find a job or work experience

All this much more, available here.