Tranzfuser™ is the popular talent development programme brought to you by UK Games Talent and Finance CIC, working with a host of regional contributors and funded by UK Government.

Tranzfuser is all about boosting the UK’s future games development talent. The main focus is on helping new teams come together and develop new games IP as a learning journey. The UK Games Fund is ready to help teams who pitch successfully at Tranzfuser's showcase event.

Tranzfuser 2020 supports team members who aspire to build a commercially sustainable studio or simply pursue a career as an employee or freelancer and want to use their project as evidence of their talent.


The University of Huddersfield is proud to be a Local Hub for Tranzfuser projects and is delighted to support Indie Shark Games in Tranzfuser 2020.

Indie-Shark Games is an indie games development team based in Huddersfield. The majority of the team worked together whilst undertaking Enterprise Placement Year 2019/20 to develop Project Outbreak, their first project outside of game jams, with their community at the helm steering the game development journey.

Each of the Indie Shark team has a passion for playing and making games. Tranzfuser will provide Indie Shark with the funding and support to elevate their game to the next level. The funding will be essential to aid the team in furthering the project so they can focus more time into its development. The support will allow each member to develop their skills further and grasp a greater understanding of working within a game development team.

Indie Shark Games