Hard Back Binding (Thesis Binding)

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Choices available

Hard back binding is where the front, back and spine is a hard exterior with your pages clamped inside the spine. All lettering is done using traditional foil blocking and all letters are individually selected by hand.

Covers available in black and dark blue.

Lettering available in Gold or Silver.

Your course leader may determine a certain colour, please check.

2 - 3 days £25.00 per book
24 hours £50.00 per book. Subject to availability, please check with Printing Services for details.
hard back 2.jpg Protector corners (Gold,Silver & Black) £2.50 extra per book.

you will need to provide us with the following:

Spine - Initial and Surname/ Qualification/ Year

Front - Dissertation Title,  Full Name (may put Mr/Mrs), Qualification, Year, School or Department of:.....


Rough guide for maximum number of pages:

  • 80gsm paper - 270 pages
  • 100gsm paper - 210 pages

How to order

Email: printing@hud.ac.uk

subject: hard back binding

Date required:....

Date of inside pages to arrive at printing services (Allow 24hours minimum)?

(Only if we are not printing)


Attach your front cover, or type in the email the following details




School or department of:...


We can be printing your covers and hold the job until you bring in the inside pages of your book. We will then measure and print the spine to bind and complete your order within the next 2 working days.

You must allow 2 working days from the time you bring your pages in to your completion date.

Please provide your telephone number so we can ring you for your payment, or telephone us on 01484 472235 and have your card details ready.

We can print your document for you

         Printed on 100gsm satin Printed on 80gsm standard paper 
Full colour (dissertation prints)  28p per copy  x
Black and white (dissertation prints) 7p per copy  4p per copy


If you require mixed full colour and black and white within your document.