Your IT checklist

There are various pieces of digital equipment that you will need to help support your studies. 

1. A laptop or desktop PC with a camera, microphone, internet access.    

A laptop is recommended rather than a tablet. Laptops better enable completion of assignments and engagement in the digital learning environments.  Laptops also enable learning from home, on campus and during travel to and from campus.   The computer you use does not usually need to be a high specification, but comfortably run IOS or Windows10. If your computer was new within the last 4-5 years, it should enable you to access the primary applications listed above.  

2. A reasonably fast and reliable internet connection is required to participate in online learning.    

If your internet connection at home is not very good, consider whether you can use an internet connection somewhere else (for example a workplace, library or friend’s house) when you need to study online or join a live online class.  

3. A head set or earphones with a microphone.  

Most computers have a built-in microphone, but you will be able to hear and be heard more clearly if you can use a headset or earphones with a microphone.



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