Stay up to speed with student texting service

The University has recently set up an SMS texting service to allow staff to quickly contact students with last minute information such as lecture cancellations, room changes, assignment deadlines and emergency announcements.

Throughout a trial period the service was run on an opt-in basis and text messages were only sent to students who had ticked the ‘Text Alert’ flag within the ‘My Registration Preference’ section of the MyDetails student portal.

From Monday 21 March 2011, the service will be changed to run on an opt-out basis, so if you don’t want to receive text messages, you will need to tick the ‘SMS Opt-out’ flag within MyDetails.

We will text you on the mobile number you provided at enrolment, which can be updated at anytime by going to the MyDetails section of the Student Portal.

The service has been designed purely to keep you up to date with essential information - we promise we won’t send you any marketing texts this way.

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