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If you are returning to University after suspending your studies, there are a number of things you may wish to consider before you return.  First of all read Suspension of Studies (Guidance for Students) which explains the process of suspending study and returning to study.  Then have a look at the questions below.

Are you on the right course?

If you are unsure about the course you are returning to, and would like to explore alternative courses, visit the Careers and Employability Service to arrange a meeting with an adviser.

If you know what course you want to transfer to, the next step is to discuss this with the course leader of the course you want to do, and also the course leader of the course you are transferring from.  You can find out who you need to speak to through your school office.

It might not be possible for you to change course for a number of reasons but to give yourself the best possible chance, you need to look into it as soon as possible and before the third week of term.  After this, you will have missed too much work for a transfer to be feasible, even if it is possible.

Is your funding in place?

If you need to set up funding from Student Finance England, or have any other questions about financing your studies, visit Student Finance for more information. For initial enquires, visit the iPoint.

Do you have a disability that affects your studies?

If you have a long-term condition which has a significant impact on your day to day life, visit Disability Services for further information on how to register for support.

Do you feel you could benefit from any wellbeing support?

If you feel you may benefit from counselling, welfare or mental health support, visit Wellbeing Services for more information and to book an appointment.

Are you worried about any aspect of your academic work next year?

If you are worried about your studies or any aspect of your course, you will have a personal tutor who you can speak to.  You can check who this is through your school office.

There are also academic skills tutors based in every school who can help with a variety of issues including essay writing, exam revision, time management and referencing.  More information about academic skills

If you fall behind with your studies, you can contact Back on Track .  The Back on Track adviser will work with you to find a way to engage with your studies and resolve any underlying issues.