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 is a service offered by the University of Huddersfield to provide software and training for students, which can be used to help with studying and learning. Most students can have times where studying is an uphill struggle. For some students, a condition or disability can make this even more difficult. HudStudy has been set up to provide software and other technology which can support everyone and assist with working more effectively and efficiently.

What we offer: 

  • MindView software that helps the user to create mindmaps on screen, which can then be converted to other formats, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

  • Screen-readers and magnifiers - Enlarge what is on the screen to see it more clearly 

  • Read&Write - software which reads the content of your page aloud for you. It also offers vocabulary, grammar and study-skills support. This can have particular relevance for students with dyslexia, but useful for everyone.  

  • Accessibility Features in Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS

  • Format Conversion: Convert a PDF to MP3, so you can listen to it. Other options available. 

  • Lecture Capture: Make the most of lecture recordings 

  • File and Version management: Don't get in a muddle and make sure your work is backed-up. 

  • Dictation software: Use your voice to write your essays 

  • Transcription software: This assists with transcribing videos and audio files for research purposes 

  • DSA Training for students who have had a DSA assessment and been offered training as part of their DSA package 

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