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Alternative Formats Service

Our Alternative Formats Service provides your Essential Readings in formats that are accessible to you.

If your Personal Learning Support Plan indicates that you need your MyReading references in alternative formats, the Computing and Library Services Disability Support Advisor will discuss your needs with you and then will try to obtain your Essential Readings in accessible electronic formats.

Screen readable PDFs and text files are obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Some can be downloaded from the RNIB’s online BookShare Services
  • Some are requested directly from the Publishers
  • Some are scanned in-house under S. 31. Of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988

Modified files are supplied on a USB stick for your personal, non-commercial use to support your studies at this university

Please contact the Disability Support Advisor as early as you can, ideally before your modules start, to give us as long as possible to get hold of the alternative formats you require. Email: Te: 01484 473925


To convert your own documents into accessible formats

SensusAccess is an online self-service facility that enables staff and students at this university to upload a file and convert it into a more accessible copy.

Conditions of use:

You can make an accessible copy providing:

  • The document is out of copyright
  • You own the copyright
  • You have permission from the copyright owner
  • You have a print disability or you are acting on behalf of someone with a print disability

Print disabled students using SensusAccess need to agree that:

For further advice on copyright contact Chris Beevers, the Customer Services Librarian and Copyright License Co-ordinator,  Tel. 01484 472051

Please Note that to convert a document you need to use your University of Huddersfield e-mail Address

short help video  is also available to get you started and if you get stuck the FAQs provide more in-depth information

IT Trainer (Assistive Software and Accessibility)

To discuss what other assistive technologies might be able to help you with your studies

Our IT Trainer (Assistive Software and Accessibility) is available to provide advice on assistive softwares such as MindView and Read Write Goldthat might help you in undertaking your studies. They can also help you get the most out of Lecture Capture, advise on basic computing skills such as file management and provide information on the latest free Apps and assistive technologies.