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Disability co-ordinators

Disability co-ordinators

Disability co-ordinators are located in each academic school. Some schools have one member of staff who carries out this role, others have disability co-ordinators in each department. They ensure that confidential information about your disability and the recommended academic support is passed on to appropriate members of staff.

You may find them a useful first point of contact within the school if an issue arises with your support. They provide an invaluable link between the academic school and the Disability Support Service.

School of Applied Sciences

Chemical Sciences and Forensic Sciences
Karl Hemming
01484 472188

Biological Sciences
Richard Bingham
01484 472435

Nutrition and Health
Deborah Pufal
01484 472567

Foundation Science
Rob Allan
01484 473007

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr Farideh Javid
01484 472543

School of Art, Design and Architecture

Ruth Scanlan
01484 473858

Heather Carter
01484 472208

Huddersfield Business School

Sarah Davis
01484 472619

School of Computing and Engineering

Guidance Team
Richie Dockery, Nawaz Khan, Trine Powell and Elaine Thelier  
01484 471580

School of Education and Professional Development

Alison Ryan
01484 478292

School of Human and Health Sciences

Adult Nursing
Sarah Batt
01484 472081

Child Nursing and Professional Studies
Karen Currell
01484 473356

Criminology, Politics, Sociology, Behavioural Science
Selina Copley
01484 472728

Health Foundation
Joanne Donbavand
01484 471383

Health and Community Studies
Mike Snowden
01484 471834

Mental Health and Learning Disability Nursing
Steve Lui
01484 473467

Psychology and Counselling
Mike Snowden
01484 471834

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
Alexis Moreno
01484 473932

Julie Parkin
01484 472942

Occupational Therapy
Joanne Donbavand
01484 471383

Primary Care including Community Nursing Practice - District Nursing) & Certificate in  Professional Studies
Stephen Phillips
01484 472160

Peter Roberts
01484 473224|

Operating Department Practice
Mathew Blears
01484 473419

Sports and Health Sports Coaching
Alexis Moreno
01484 473932

Social Work
Mike Snowden
01484 471834

Supporting Learning in Practice (SLIP)
Andrew Sutton
01484 473463 

MSc Social Work
Kim Heanue
01484 472082  

MA Child Safeguarding and Welfare
Gill Kirkman
01484 472200  

School of Music Humanities and Media

All courses (except Drama and Journalism and Media)
Claire Chamley
01484 472389

Dave Calvert
01484 478415

Journalism and Media
Bruce Hanlin
01484 478423



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