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The University has a range of policies, procedures and courses regarding the provision of support for disabled students. These are particularly useful for staff in ensuring that they are accurately informing students of relevant information and successfully signposting them to other services. The information listed on this page can also help assist staff with understanding and working with people with disabilities. If you require information about a policy, practice, procedure or course not listed, please contact

• Accessible Placements and Disabled Students 

This policy outlines the support available for students on placement and discussed disclosure of a disability. Also available is a Brief Guide For Staffand a Brief Guide for Students regarding accessible placements – this provides a summary of the policy document. The student guide can be incorporated into student placement handbooks.


• Additional Requirements and Adjustments in examinations for disabled students 

This policy outlines the University procedures regarding the provision of support in exams for disabled students and discussed the evidence required. There is further information about the types of adjustments in exams and the arrangements for these in the document called Examination recommendations for students with additional requirements and adjustments.


• Alternative Assessments to Formal Exams for Disabled Students

This policy outlines the procedures where is exceptional circumstances, disabled students can request an alternative to a formal exam.


• Guidelines on essential reading lists and disabled students

This document offers some advice on the production of an essential reading list which takes into account the requirements of disabled students.


• Language modification guidelines

This document contains advice on the production of exam scripts, assignments, lecture presentations, teaching materials or other written text for students who require modified language, usually as a result of a significant hearing impairment.


• Mental Health First Aid

The University of Huddersfield runs a Mental Health First Aid course for staff led by two of our fully-trained Advisers. The course will offer participants the opportunity to develop the skills required to support others who may be experiencing a mental health difficulty or who are in mental health crisis. At the end of the course participants will be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, provide help on a first aid basis, and effectively guide others in the right direction for support.

We run two MHFA courses; a 2-day course, and a half day course. Please check with Staff Development to see the next available training dates.

If you've any queries about Mental Health First Aid, please contact


• STSE Customer Service Standard

This document outlines our existing framework for providing exceptional customer service.


• University Parking Permits for Disabled Students

This guide gives you an detailed overview of the use of parking permits in University car parks for disabled students.


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