The Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP)

Once you have made contact with Disability Services and your support has been identified, your Disability Adviser will produce a Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP). This document brings together all the recommendations that are to be put in place to ensure that your course is accessible to you. The PLSP is an electronic document and is held on your student record. The plan covers the following areas where they are relevant to you:

  • General support
  • Learning and teaching adjustments
  • Support worker provision
  • Exam /in class test support
  • Coursework, assignment and presentation support
  • Library provision
  • Placement learning which includes field trips and work experience
  • Practical sessions and laboratory work
  • Emergency evacuation procedures and risk assessments

The PLSP also outlines your responsibilities for ensuring that support is carried out.

Once the PLSP has been produced, you will receive an email to let you know.  An email will also be sent to your module leaders, personal tutor, the disability co-ordinator and if necessary, the Library Disability Support Advisor.  The email will let you know how to access your PLSP.