Faith Centre Users' Group

The Faith Centre Users' Group meets once a term to discuss everything connected with the Faith Centre.  All faith societies are invited to send a representative as well as other groups who use the Faith Centre on a regular basis.  If you wish to get involved in these discussions please email Anna Howley Student Relations Manager, Student Services. The latest minutes will be published online following approval by the meeting.

Minutes of the Faith Centre Users Group 26 January 2016

Minutes of the Faith Centre Users Group 3 October 2016

Minutes of the Faith Centre Users Group 23 January 2017

The University of Huddersfield Faith Centre Users' Agreement contains essential health and safety information for users of the Faith Centre, and outlines the agreed code of conduct.

Faith societies

There are a number of student faith societies already established through the Students' Union at the University of Huddersfield. Browse the Students' Union societies page to find out more about existing societies or how to set up a new society.

Advertising events in the Faith Centre

Who can advertise their organisation or events at the Faith Centre? 

  • University Schools and Services
  • Student societies
  • Local religious organisations

How can you advertise your events/organisations? 

  • Posters and flyers.  These need to be delivered to the Faith Centre office (QSA/18) or sent through the (internal) post to the Faith Centre.
  • Plasma screen. Please provide images in a vector graphics format (.png for example) and landscape in format.  All text needs to be in a clear legible font.  Please email your publicity to the Faith Centre
  • We will also be happy to share specific events for the student societies on our facebook page and twitter pages.  Please share them with us on our pages.