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Comment, compliment or complaint? Whatever you have to say - we want to hear it! Simply fill in the form below, and leave your details if you'd like us to get back in touch with you. The information you have given us on this form will be used to improve our service and you will not be contacted for any other purpose.

The information you provide will be processed by the University of Huddersfield for the purpose of reviewing and improving our service, in accordance with Data Protection legislation. The legal basis for processing your information is your consent. The information you provide will not be passed to any third parties outside of the University of Huddersfield, except where this is necessary for the purpose specified above (for example, we may need to share your information with our contractors providing externally hosted IT systems), in which case such sharing will be compliant with data protection legislation. To find out more about how the University of Huddersfield processes personal data, please visit If you have any queries about the use of your information, the University Data Protection Officer can be contacted at; tel: 01484 473000.


Formal complaints

If you would like to make a formal complaint, please refer to Regulatory support, in particular the Students Complaint Form. 

If you are dissatisfied with the service you have experienced, we will always try to informally resolve your complaint first, with the relevant service manager seeking a suitable resolution.

If you are not satisfied with the informal resolution, or you want your issue to be dealt with through a formal process first, you are able to make a formal complaint at any point. Please be aware that formal complaints may take more time to reach a conclusion.


Your feedback, our improvements

We love to hear your feedback, and base many of our improvements on your comments and suggestions. Here are a few of our improvement actions:


"We want more awareness of Wellbeing and Disability Services around the University"

We went into each of the University's school support offices to share materials and promotional ideas. Each school is now equipped with it's own stock of materials, ready for appointments or for displays!


"I'd prefer to speak to one Disability Adviser"

We have created dedicated Disability Advisers based on a students course, to guarantee students are seen by the same person wherever possible.


"I would have liked additional help applying for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)"

We have updated our leaflets to ensure the information on applying for DSA is clear. Advisers are also providing these leaflets in appointments and they are on display in the Wellbeing and Disability Services area.


"I'd like all materials and forms to be more understandable"

We have established a basic rule of Arial 12 as our standardised text across all our printed materials and emails. We use blue ink, as opposed to black ink, to reduce issues with contrast, and carefully consider our use of spacing both on the website and on our printed materials. QR codes are located on most of our materials to allow for easy access to our website, and cream paper is standard within the team to help with ease of reading.


"Booking an appointment can sometimes be difficult; the service needs more appointment places"

We have increased our appointments by 20% since this time last year. We've also introduced 10 same day appointments and have advanced appointments with Advisers that students can pre-book.


• "We'd prefer to have a quiter way to enrol at the University"

We have introduced Disability Induction Day so that all students with a declared disability can enrol prior to the rest of the cohort. The day also features talks from various departments across the University, campus tours and useful information stalls.


• "It would be great if there was a support group for visually impaired students"

We are in the process of organising an event to support access to accessibility software and the social experience of students with visual impairments. This will run in conjunction with the Disability Library Co-ordinator and HudStudy.


• "I'd prefer to complete the registration form outside of my counselling sessions to give me more time to discuss my difficulties"

We have added an additional appointment to each round of Counselling, to guarantee that the registration form is completed with our support without reducing the amount of contact time you have to discuss any difficulties you face.


• "I wish I had known to register with the service since the beginning of my course"

We have joined up with the Students' Union to promote early registration with the service so that we can begin to support students as soon as possible. 


Customer Service Standards

Our STSE Cusomer Service Standard outlines what customers of Student Services can expect from us, and the standards we aim to adhere to.